Buy a Block

Blocks, and more blocks…
The original TM Observatory, built by Dr. Arthur Page, was constructed with big white blocks. The replica to be built in the TM Universe project will have the same look and feel.

What you give: you are invited to Buy a Block and become one of the 200 locals who will forever receive the fame and appreciation for their initial financial contribution to TM Universe. 200 Blocks are for sale, for $ 200 each.

…and what you get: your name will be included on the Honour Board of 200, which is included in the TM Universe website. A wooden version of it will be on permanent display in the future Science Centre and/or Observatory.
You will also receive a 2018 and 2019 membership, a free subscription to Stellar and of course you will receive a receipt. Details about the usage of your donations can be found at the bottom of this page. By contributing you accept those terms.
Blocks can be bought by individuals, families, clubs, organisations, schools, businesses and by any other groups.
To print leaflets about the Buy a Block fundraiser download the brochure here. Nice to hand out to neighbours, friends, family…..

Contributing is a simple three step process:
Step 1: payment

You may use any of these three payment options:

  1. a check (to TM Universe) or cash, to be given in an envelope to any management committee member
  2. Direct deposit into our bank account: TM Universe Inc, NAB Tamborine Mountain, BSB 084835, Account 809754800
  3. For Paypal and credit card payments:

Step 2: Submit your details for the Honour Board
You have three options (the first option is the easiest):

  1. Fill out the form below and submit it by selecting the Send-button. You will receive a confirmation of your submission in your inbox.
  2. Send an email to with your First name, Surname, Address, Town, Postal code; Phone number; Email address, the Name of Business, Group or Organisation (if relevant), the exact wording for the Honour Board (25 letters max including spaces); how and when you paid.
  3. Print this form and leave it in the envelope with your payment

Form belonging to option 1

I paid $ 200 as follows (select one method):
cash to a MC membercheck to MC membercheck by postcash to Piccabeen bookshopcheck to Piccabeen bookshopdirect depositonline Paypalonline credit card

Date of the payment:

Step 3: Receive receipt and get on The Board
When the Treasurer has received your payment and the details for the Honour Board of 200, you will receive a receipt by email.
Within a week your name will appear on the online Honour Board of 200.
As one of the 200 Founding Members you will receive a monthly special edition of Stellar informing you about the progress of the project, and about the ways the funds have been spent. 

How your contribution will be used
TM Universe is a project under development. Even though securing the location with a handshake deal has been a major step in the project, there is no 100% certainty about the final outcome: time will tell.
The funds raised with Buy a Block will be used to build the Observatory, and will also serve as start up funds, mainly to pay mandatory fees and necessary experts. For instance, the council charges a $ 750 fee for a mandatory meeting to discuss a future Material Change of Use application we will have to submit (for another $ 1,050). To make deals with fund suppliers, to finalise the land lease deal, and to scrutinize and rubber stamp the Business Plan, specialists need to be consulted and paid. Accountants need to verify the books etc. These costs are not covered by any grants or government funding. Buy a Block will get us Sailing! And you can hop on Board.
Legally your donation to Buy a Block is non-refundable. So, what happens to the funds if the project does not come to final fruition? Depending on how much will be left over, the management committee might decide to (partly) refund donors, or to donate left over funds to another relevant, local non for profit organisation.
TM Universe Inc. is applying for charity status, which will make donations tax deductible. This is still an ongoing application process.
Congratulations to everyone who will find his/her name on the Honour Board of 200, which will be a lasting element in the rich history of Tamborine Mountain.