Support Team

The Support Team supports
The Support Team is the hands on – “get it done” – feature of the TM Universe organisation. Supporters help with a very wide range of activities, varying from keeping track of memberships, to helping building the Observatory. From preparing the future planetarium presentations, to helping with a sausage sizzle.

What do you get out of it?
It is obvious that TM Universe relies on volunteers, so the benefits from your contribution are clear: with volunteer contributions this project will not be able to continue. But there is more: we want each volunteer to get ‘as much out of it as he/she puts into it’.
Volunteering is a very rewarding activity. Because of the wide range of required skills and contributions there will be something in TM Universe that appeals to you in particular.

Current ‘jobs’; please use the form below to express your interest.

  • Copy writer/journo: write the articles for the local newspapers, based on info received from MC, or from attending events/meetings. Add photos taken by our photographers (or by you, if you like). Average will be two articles per month, 200 words each. Time investment: 1 day/month.
  • Stellar editor: create the contents for Stellar, our digital newsletter. Someone else looks after the technique and distribution. The editor creates the contents. Once a month, half a day. Incidentally an extra edition.
  • General meeting host: organise the coffee/tea etc for General meetings. Be the host to welcome our members. Six times per year, Tuesday night 7pm, 2nd Tuesdays in Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov.
  • Presentations organiser: connect with organisations on the mountain to arrange for TM Universe president to give a project presentation. Goal: community connection and fund raising. Time: can be done from home, very limited time involvement. Just call and arrange.
  • Facebook-manager. We need someone to accept members on the Facebook page; in addition the goal would be to further increase the membership, and to establish a way to use social media better than we do now. (Task runs as long as you like it; hours/week is up to the volunteer)
  • Manager Support Team: you stay in contact with all members of the Support Team and manage that in case volunteers are needed. Little time involvement, only if events/projects need to be staffed. Can be done entirely from home.
  • Archivist: you collect the articles that are published in the newspapers, and you organise photos (or video) of events. Can be done from home, very few hours per week.
  • Specialists If you have special knowledge regarding planetarium, observatories, telescopes or running a tourism venue then we would be very happy to learn to know you. Your expertise and skills may be of big value to this project.
  • Organise the Lunar Eclipse contest between May and July 2018. FOUND: Thank you Grace Hyland and Craig Napier.
  • Membership admin . FOUND. Thank you Tina and Steven for volunteering! You will register new members, and keep track of changes. In co-operation with the Treasurer you keep track of the payments of membership fees.
  • Website admin: FOUND, John Bestevaar has volunteered! Thank you John.
  • ‘Buy a Block’ coordinator: FOUND, Tina Meni and Steven Puccini have volunteered. Thank you guys!
  • Member of the Auction-Team. Help in the Auction-team that collects products and services to be auctioned later this year; an instruction meeting will take place soon, to give ideas on how to get the nest results. Four volunteers found: thank you Bruce and Trish, Robyn and Brigitte!