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If you have Bought a Block, you are automatically a member for 2018 and 2019.
Please use this form to register for any other membership and submit the form to TM Universe. If you pay now you will be a member till the end of 2019.
Before you fill out the form, consider for which membership class you are eligible.

  1. Individual members are ordinary persons (1 vote per member). $15/year, $ 60 for 5 years
  2. Family membership: all members of a household at any time in a relevant financial year (1 vote per family, one voice at meetings per family member); if membership benefits will come available each member of the family is eligible. Use one name in the application form. $ 25/year, $100 for 5 years
  3. Corporate members are any corporation incorporated under the laws of Australia or the State of Queensland, but excluding incorporated associations, or any individual or partnership who conducts a business, retail outlet, trade or profession (1 vote/member), $ 100/year, $ 400 per 5 years
  4. Club members are associations becoming members as either incorporated or unincorporated associations (1 vote per member), $ 50/year, $ 200 per 5 years
  5. Honorary Life Member; an ordinary person who is a member and elected as an honorary life member according to the process outlined in the organisation’s by‐laws (1 vote per member), no membership fees
  6. Ex officio members are organisations associated with the association, such as local councils, state government departments, government agencies however constituted, and any one representative from each such body who, from time to time, is invited to become an ex-officio member by the management committee of the association (no voting rights) no membership fees

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Payment options
You may use any of these three payment options:

  1. a check (to TM Universe) or cash, to be given in an envelope to any management committee member or to be dropped off at the Landcare Piccabeen Bookshop (behind Three Little Pigs at Main Street)
  2. Direct deposit into our bank account: TM Universe Inc, NAB Tamborine Mountain, BSB 084835, Account 809754800
  3. For Paypal and credit card payments for annual memberships:

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  4. For Paypal and credit card payments for 5 year memberships:

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