Your own planetarium

TM Universe will be built because of a combination of funding resources.

  • Grants from State and Federal government, plus financial support from the local Council are an important source of funding.

The main resources will probably be the private sector.

  • Crowdfunding, from the local and online community is an essential element in the first stage of the project.
  • The very generous land lease deal by Mr. John Penglis also helps a lot.
  • The donation of the mirror for the telescope by Greg Bond is a material way of contributing, as will be the building of the Museum shed and the infrastructure by John Penglis.
  • The future Planetarium might also find its own owner. A business or private sponsor might be interested in covering the costs of building and establishing the Planetarium, with a contribution to the running costs. TM Universe management is open to the idea to make it a Naming Planetarium (Dr. Joe Jackon Planetarium, NAB Planetarium, Gold Coast (City Council) Planetarium or Energex Planetarium, for instance.)

If you are interested in this option, then please contact TM Universe president Jaap Vogel to discuss the possibilities (, 0473-818908).