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TM Universe continues the project of rebuilding the former Arthur Page Observatory, as well as establishing a modern astronomical interpretive center/planetarium. The project, which started in August 2017, has achieved a lot: hundreds of members of the Facebook page, dozens of donations received and several successful astronomical events show the support of this wonderful project. The AGM was good and we have already received for telescopes as donations. Plans are well advanced for storage space and the move of the vintage telescope to the mountain.
The main hurdle still is ‘location, location, location’. After very little initial support by council, TM Universe tried to find a location on private land. That seemed to go well, till the owner re-considered his options for the land. Since then that option is in limbo, but after a ‘change of mood’ at Council, currently alternative options on private and public land are considered. Most suitable locations are either surrounded (or covered) by trees, are prone to light pollution or are on land that beyond our reach.
We hope that sooner or later an option will be available that suits both us and the land owner’. Any suggestions or tips?!

The original Observatory

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