28 July Lunar eclipse: wake up early!

Essential times for the Lunar eclipse on 28 July 2018, which will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century. We hope for good weather and a wonderful crowd at the hang glider site on this Saturday morning.
– 3.15 am: Start of the eclipse, penumbra begins. In this stage the moon goes through the faintest part of the earth’s shadow.
– 4.24 am: Partial begins. The moon goes into the dark shadow of the earth: the start of the ‘real’ eclipse.
– 5.30 am: full eclipse begins; moon fully covered by the earth’s shadow and turns red
– 6.21 am: maximum eclipse
– 6.35 am: moon sets, disappears below the horizon. The sun rises at this time as well.
Take binoculars, a telescope and/or camera…. and warm clothes because it can and will be cold!

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