The Dish and more: fun at the Zamia Theatre

On 19 May, 7.30pm TM Universe and the Film Club organise at the Zamia Theatre a special evening, screening one of Australia’s most iconic movies, The Dish, as well as and a French hand coloured movie from 1902 about a trip to the moon. Don’t worry about the language though…. it is a silent movie, which is, by the way, still considered ‘a classic’ in global film history and in France always makes it into the top 100 best movies ever. The evening starts 7pm for a 7.30 start; entrance fee $ 10. No bookings required.The evening starts 7pm for 7.30; entrance fee $ 10. No bookings required.

After costs the proceeds go to TM Universe, thanks to the generosity of the TM Little Theatre Group, the Film Club and Jennifer McConaghy.

Coffee and tea will be for sale at the counter, a raffle will be held and between the two movies you will be informed about the progress of the rebuilding of the former TM Observatory.
As we will be seated at tables you are invited to take food and drinks if you wish so.

More details about the project on Facebook ( and on this website. We are also looking for a few volunteers for that night…. volunteering saves you the entrance fee (volunteers call 55454398)

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