A lot is happening behind the screens

TM Universe is now fully established and registered as an organisation; management meetings take place every second week; the first General meeting will soon be called.
The main activities still take place ‘behind the screens’: finalising the land lease agreement in a way that leaves open the door for enough funding-opportunities. We are working with John Penglis, the Council and other relevant people and organisations to get the best outcome for everyone.
In addition, we have started in ‘low profile fashion’ the Buy a Block fund raiser. To make sure that you will be included, consider contributing now:
On 19 May, 7.30pm TM Universe and the Film Club will organise a special evening for our project, screening The Dish and a silent movie about a ‘journey to the moon’. Entrance fee $ 10 for TM Universe.
Managed by our MC member Craig Napier we are also organising an online contest focused on the Lunar eclipse. Children are invited to submit their art related to the sun moon and earth. The contest will end just before a special event on 28 July – when the eclipse will take place.
A special Auction is also on the agenda; a date has still to be set.
If you haven’t bought a block yet: do it now!
And if you are interested to become actively involved, please go to the Support Team page.

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