Update on the project

TM Universe management committee (MC) welcomes two new members, Robert Sandow and Stuart Wright. Samantha Goddard decided to continue as a member of the Advisory Panel instead of the MC, due to work obligations; she keeps her current portfolio, focused on rebuilding the observatory and refurbishing the telescope. Also a warm welcome to Brigitte Doering, Robyn Knight, John Bestevaar, Paul Shay, Tina Meni and Steven Steve Puccini, as active volunteers.

At today’s MC meeting it was decided that our main priorities at this very moment are to

  1. submit the Material Change of Use Application to Council (for the land)
    2. collect all financial, building, economic and tourism data to finalise the business plan

    3. continue to finalise a formal land lease agreement

    4. raise enough funds to pay for fees and experts for points 1, 2 and 3: Buy a Block

    5. maintain and strengthen the relationship with the community in events:

  • 17 March: TM Universe is at the TM Show; start Buy a Block fundraiser. We seek at least 2 volunteers to help out (app 10am-6pm)
  • 27 March: MC meeting, 7pm
  • late April: Auction fundraiser
  • 19 May: special TM Universe night at the Zamia, screening The Dish and more
  • 28 July: from 4am lunar eclipse event; programme entirely focused on kids. Maybe start with a sleep over from the 27th. Seeking volunteers to assist Craig.

The committee discussed the progress and decided that the current priorities as stated in 1 – 5 are necessary to be able to continue to next stages of the project. Funds raised with Buy a Block will be very cautiously and transparently spent on necessary costs for fees for council and for expert advice on a range of topics. Conditions are stated clearly at the website.

Because every Buyer of a Block automatically becomes a member for 2018, buyers will have direct access to all financials. The first General Meeting is foreseen for July, the AGM for September.

ALL VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES: www.tmuniverse.com.au, section Support Team

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