Fundraiser vacancy

Hop on Board… we’re sailing!
After facing several start up bureaucracy, we’re ready to rock and roll with TM Universe. We’ve found land to rebuild the Dr. Arthur Page Observatory, and develop a Planetarium and Science Centre with it. A team of volunteers is busy writing the Business Case, a crucial document to apply for major funding.

The community’s Observatory
So far the budget of TM Universe has been zero, or actually: subzero. We need to get some start up funding. In addition, we think it would be fantastic if the community could come together and fund the rebuilding of the former TM Observatory and the refurbishment of the telescope.

200 x 200
Those funds should come from the Buy a Block Fundraiser which is starting up right now. The two hundred Blocks making up the Observatory will each be sold for $ 200. The 200 Buyers will all be recognised on the Honour Board of 200: the group of locals who make this project possible. In addition, everyone will be acknowledged on the online-Honour Board.

You may be the coordinator
Wouldn’t it be a great legacy from you to the mountain, to having organised this fundraiser? The financial side will be coordinated by the treasurer, and support is available for almost every aspect of the Buy a Block fundraiser. But we do need someone to coordinate this project. It’s a limited time ‘job’ (only till 200 Blocks have been sold… we’re already on 20) which will be very satisfying

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  1. All good !glad to be on the honour board of the Universe

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